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Coach of the Season

Parents and players, nominate a volunteer coach (Recreation or Challenge coach) who has gone above and beyond the duty of "coach". One coaches from each age group will be selected and awarded Coach of the Season.mNCFC Youth Staff will choose the winners based on the nominations.   

Spring 2021 Coach of the Season Winners

Congratulations to our Spring 2021 Coaches of the Season! Each of the following coaches were nominated by their team for going above and beyond the duty "coach" and selected to receive a $100 We are proud to have you on our team and applaud your continued commitment to the development of our players! Below are excerpts from some of the submitted:

Recreation Coaches
Kindergarten | Patrick Campbell
“Patrick comes to each game with enthusiasm and kindness. He continually motivates his players with his good attitude and his passion for soccer. He came to our first few games with an injured foot (from soccer) but continued to emphasize the fundamentals that soccer needs while maintaining a fun and their environment. He coached many different levels of players with the same enthusiasm for each child.”

1st Grade | Mark Holmes
"Coach Mark’s level of patience, kindness and understanding far exceeds any youth soccer experience we have had thus far! What’s even more amazing is all the girls had a fabulous time, full of smiles and laughter at every practice and game but they were also focused, wanting to understand the game and each girl displayed a level of sportsmanship that was instilled in them from Coach Mark!”

2nd Grade | Kristen Greyer
"Through the difficulties of the pandemic, Kristen has been an inspiration to the players & parents alike providing creative coaching sessions that serve as a great outlet to children that have endured the challenges of a lockdown. She put together creative coaching sessions targeted at 7-8 year old’s that are both engaging with a mixture of playful activities & skill building, and has a great rapport with all of the players and parents, going above and beyond in organizing & coordination the team for training and matches.”

3rd Grade| Josh Hamphill
"Coach Josh does a great job finding the balance between skills & fundamentals, and fun & sportsmanship. He takes time to ensure the kids understand what they're supposed to do, and why they're doing it. I've been a coach and I know the easier thing to do is mindlessly rotate kids in for playing time, but the harder job is to keep a level demeanor, explain things constantly, and ensure the players understand how to improve all parts of their game. Josh does those things. This is our first year with the team and we have really enjoyed it, in large part to our coaching team.”

4th Grade | Justin Walton
"Coach Justin is dedicated, kind, smart and inspiring. We have been fortunate to have him coach our son a couple years in a row and he has learned so much. Coach teaches excellence on the field and more importantly how to be a teammate. We are so impressed with his leadership and want to thank him for the hours he pours into our team. He is amazing!”

5th Grade | Mark Caron
"The best coach ever! Never misses an opportunity to coach/teach. Always looking to help the girls improve, with emailing drills between practices, emails when games on tv so girls can watch and learn. Has been great to watch the girls improve and soak up what Coach Mark teaches them and he does all with optimism and true love of the game! Thank you for everything Coach Mark!”

6th Grade | Travis Mulhouser
“Coach Travis is enthusiastic, intuitive, skilled and committed. He takes time to get to know each of the players on his team, encourages them to play better, coaches them on how to play better, and stretches them beyond what they imagined their abilities to be. He is open to feedback from players which makes him accessible. He effectively manages individuals while promoting team, building on spirit and enthusiasm and respect and general good cheer! His players and families love to be a part of his team!”

7th Grade | Jonathan Van Horn
“Jon has become critical to our team over the past two seasons and his knowledge and passion for developing young people in sports and life is something to be recognized. Would like to nominate Jon for the hard work and dedication he has put in.”

8th Grade | Kim Carr
“Kim is an outstanding coach with incredible dedication to her team and players. She has strong knowledge of the game and leads the team in a positive way with teamwork and camaraderie always at the forefront. As a result they have become a force on the field! She makes things fun, and really shows she cares about each individual players' growth and well-being. She is very deserving of this award!”

High School | Gabe Gardner
“He continues to motivate the kids, teach sportsmanship and I appreciate him rotating the kids to different positions and giving equal play time. He always shows up to practices and games and communicates effectively. I believe he genuinely cares about developing not just the boys soccer skills, but their behavioral skills as they transition into young men. Thank you Coach Gabe!”

High School | Kevin Hidenfelter
“We have been so blessed to have Kevin as a coach for the Orioles for the past few years now, and I can’t begin to express just how much we appreciate him. Kevin goes above and beyond - not only in his coaching, but in his obvious care and involvement with his players. Kevin is very intentional in everything he does. He is an excellent coach, mentor, and communicator, and his passion for soccer and encouraging nature are contagious. Most of all, he is an excellent example, as he sets a distinct tone of respectfulness and sportsmanship - which means so much to us as parents. Because of Kevin, my son has truly enjoyed playing soccer and the wonderful camaraderie of his teammates. We’re so blessed to be a part of the Orioles!”

High School | Andrew Semyanko
“As a first year coach, Andrew is the most passionate coach my son has had. He stays longer at practices to work on skills, sends out inspiring emails to the families on the team, sends soccer videos to watch to improve the boys, and has even printed out a play book for the boys to study to prepare for games. He goes above and beyond as a coach.”

High School | Clay Turpin
“Coach Turpin has been the coach of the Boys Rec High School Aces for 4 years. Many of the kids on the team have been part of this team during the entire 4 years. Coach Turpin is a fantastic role model for our young men - he focuses on sportsmanship, being a team and supporting each member of the team. Winning and losing with pride. He's been a great role model during the pandemic - of taking care of yourself and others. Can't say enough great things about Coach Turpin. After his many years of service, would be great to see him recognized!"

Challenge Coaches
U9 | Vincent Maurizzio
“Coach Vinnie has been amazing with the Rapids, he encourages all the kids to do their best, no singling out of players bad or good, just always instilling confidence in them to shine. His coaching sessions are engaging for both kids and parents alike and my son cannot wait to get on the field and play with his teammates!”

U10 | Jeff Brovet
“"Coach Jeff is hands down the best Challenge coach of 2021! Coach Jeff loves the game of soccer and the kids know that but what is most evident is that he cares about their character. Every game is used as a lesson to learn from their mistakes and their triumphs. Coach Jeff goes above and beyond by helping coach the parents as well. He sends us encouraging emails that help us be better sideline parents. These emails will often include conversation starters for before and after games. I vote coach Jeff!!!"”

U11 | Manning Pruden
“Manning reaches each team member at their level and rewards their individual accomplishments as well as the team's successes. She sends uplifting messages as well as concept and strategy videos to the team. She gives personal feedback to each of the players after each game. She celebrates the little wins as well as the big wins which is so important for each athlete's confidence at age 10 and 11. Manning, with her gentle strength, guides the girls to be their best on and off the field. She's also a wonderful complement to Simon our assistant coach. They model teamwork with grace."

U12 | Eric Leser
“I am nominating Eric Leser as coach of the season because he exemplifies all that NCFC wants in its volunteer coaches. His technical knowledge of soccer is top-notch, and his ability to impart that knowledge to growing soccer players is even more impressive. He knows when to encourage players and when to push them to strive harder. Even more important than Eric’s technical soccer knowledge is his commitment to sportsmanship. I am so thankful my son has him for a role model in sports. Eric is committed to everyone playing their hardest, but he also is fully committed to every member of the team showing respect to their opponents, each other, and the referees.”

U13 | Daniel Jukic
“He's always giving positive feedback to each player, updating the parents, always open for discussions, playing by the rules. Zoom meetings during covid and rained-out practices. He can even be heard during a game supporting the opposing team when they make awesome plays or keeper saves.....Coach Dan has been instrumental in getting every player in Fire FC inspired, involved and committed to improving their game and giving their best in every game for the team.”

U14 | Kyle Meunch
“Kyle is dedicated to teaching our son and all the boys, great sportsmanship, on and off the field. He works to ensure they each continue to grow and learn the game, looking for ways to help each child grow individually and as a team….He consistently helps the team play "their game" as he calls it, growing the strength of the team, encouraging passing, touches on the ball and assisting each other. He also dedicates hours of his time communicating with the parents about tournaments, times of practices and he has been a reference for our son when we asked.”

U15 | Heather Peterson
"Coach Heather is nothing short of amazing! She's been the head coach for the Cary Arsenal Challenge Team for over 5+ years now. During that time, she hasn't just "coached" the boys but she's made our entire team a FAMILY. Each season she teaches them new skills & encourages soccer development, but she also teaches them about leadership, good sportsmanship and how to be a positive impact in world! She has encouraged the team to do community service projects together and to stay close even during the off-season. She's always open to hearing what the boys have to say and giving feedback after each season to both players and parents."

High school | Brad Lawrence
“Brad has head coached the Ninjas for five years now. He always does a great job with the team. He treats our players, the opposing team, and the referees with respect. I have twin boys on this team and they really like playing for Brad....Brad has head coached the Ninjas for five years now. He always does a great job with the team. He treats our players, the opposing team, and the referees with respect. I have twin boys on this team and they really like playing for Brad.”

High school | Matt Benik
“Coach Benik pushes the boys to reach their playing potential in a positive way. Coach has a way to get results without being demeaning or yelling. Coach Benik is very dedicated to his team. He always shows up with a positive attitude and smile. Coach Benik models and teaches excellent sportsmanship. I’m proud of the growth I have seen in my son under Coach Benik’s leadership. Coach Benik is an outstanding coach and leader. NCFC is lucky to have a volunteer of this caliber in their organization.”

High school | Clint Morrison
“He is knowledgeable and skillful in soccer. He knows how to run a practice, manage a game, and communicate to teenage boys. He is always smiling, positive, and patient, never a "yeller" from the sidelines. He gives useful guidance and then lets the boys figure it out. The evidence that this works is that, each season, the team improves from the first game to the last. In other words, in the team environment established by Clint, the players do learn and figure it out.”

High school | Glen Brizendine
“Coach Glen is a one-of-a-kind individual and our children are the better for having him as an adult role-model in their youth. Glen has an unwavering commitment to the team - both for improving each player's own soccer skill sets and for his personal interest in their development as young adults. As a coach, he is enthusiastic about the sport, a great teacher, dedicated, and leads with integrity always. Glen has the uncanny ability to remain calm, even under less than ideal circumstances. Teaching good sportsmanship is at the forefront.”

Thank you coaches!

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