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Reschedule Policy

At the beginning of each of the NCFC Youth Recreation seasons, fall and spring, NCFC Youth will generate and release the official game schedules for all teams participating in the NCFC Youth Recreation Scheduling League. The schedules will be able to be accessed, both through the NCFC Youth Recreation League and also accessed through each team’s unique Soccer in College (SinC) team page.

Once the NCFC Youth Recreation schedules are published and released to start the season, teams need to make every effort to play the schedule as posted. In the event that a team needs to request a change to the published NCFC Youth Recreation schedule, the rescheduling policy needs to be followed in order to change any scheduled match.

NCFC Youth Recreation Match Reschedule Procedure
NCFC Youth reserves the right to refuse, deny, or limit (no more than one (1) per season) any reschedule request, even if the following procedure is followed. Please note that due to scheduling constraints with certain field partners and the timing required in the staffing of referees, some reschedule requests will not be able to be processed. Please Note: On occasion NCFC Youth Recreation games will need to be rescheduled, either due to adverse weather or closing fields by field partners in which NCFC Youth games have been scheduled. These games will be automatically scheduled by the NCFC Youth schedulers, therefore coaches do not need to submit a reschedule request for these situations.

NCFC Youth Recreation Rescheduling Procedure
Any reschedule requests to change an officially published game schedule must be submitted electronically through the Soccer in College (SinC)team page no later than 14 days prior to the schedule match date of the officially scheduled game. Failure to submit the electronic request within this 14 day period may result in the team requesting the reschedule to pay the referee fees for the original game (if the referees are unable to be reassigned to a new game).

1) The NCFC Youth Recreation team desiring to reschedule an official scheduled game must contact the opposing coach to request a reschedule. If the opposing coach is unable or unwilling to reschedule the game, the game cannot be rescheduled. a. The only exception to this would be an override by the NCFC Youth Scheduler or Recreation DOC granting that the game is reschedule

2) In a situation in which a game has been pulled by the NCFC Youth scheduler from the NCFC Youth Recreation schedule prior to an agreed upon reschedule date, it is the responsibility of both coaches to communicate and agree to a reschedule date in a timely fashion. If there are communication failures on the part of one or both coaches, NCFC Youth reserves the right to set the schedule for this game to get it on the official schedule for all families.

3) If the opposing coach agrees to reschedule the game initiated by the requesting NCFC Youth Recreation team, both coaches must work together to find a date/time/locations that works for both of their schedules prior to submitting the reschedule request through the SinC page.
a. Specific times for rescheduled games will not be able to be accommodated, but only blocks of time (either morning or afternoon) to reschedule the game.
b. Example: Both teams agree to a reschedule a game for Nov 1 afternoon. The game can occur anytime from 1pm -5pm.

4) Once both coaches have agreed in principle to the rescheduling of the match, and a suitable date/time/location is agreeable to both coaches, the coach that has initiated the reschedule request must login to their Soccer in College (SinC) team account to officially submit the reschedule request electronically. Once this has been done, both coaches and the NCFC Youth Recreation scheduler will receive an email notification. The reschedule request will be sent to the NCFC Youth Scheduler to be processed and then the request will receive an official “time stamp”.

5) The NCFC Youth scheduler will make all efforts to reschedule the game with the desired agreed upon conditions.

6) The final step would be when the NCFC Youth scheduler updates the official NCFC Youth Recreation schedule with the new game date/location/time. Any changes to this posted game, other than an error on the part of the agreed to schedule being incorrectly posted by the NCFC Youth scheduler, must be handled by an additional reschedule request process.

a. Please note: Once games are posted on the official published NCFC Youth Recreation schedule, the only means by which a game can be rescheduled is via the NCFC Youth Recreation rescheduling procedure.


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